San Diego Comic-Con, here I come!

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San Diego Comic Con logoFinally, I’m going to the San Diego Comic-Con. A mecca for fanboys and pop-culture geeks, the convention is one of the biggest events in the world with about 125,000 attendees. It’s sold out again this year, but I’m one of those lucky fools who gets to go July 24-27. With so many creators and fans of comics, movies, TV, anime and video games, all coming to one place to promote new ideas and share their passions, it will surely be a blast.

My first comic book convention was in January at the Phoenix Cactus Comicon in Mesa. I had such a great time, but really that was just a warm-up for San Diego. My “cool” friends have been trying to get me to go to for years, and now it’s finally going to happen.

I’m more than excited and a little overwhelmed too. As a fan of so many different sci-fi and fantasy properties, I’ll have to make some tough choices and figure out what I want to see most in the time I have available. (Click here to check out the crazy-long list of panels and events happening this year.) It won’t be easy, and neither will navigating the San Diego Convention Center floor without getting trampled by the masses.

Stay tuned to Nerdvana for updates from the convention!

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