Required Reading: Whither (or wither) D&D?

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Dungeons & DragonsWhere’s D&D Going? (Newbie DM) – A compelling look at why 4th Edition may be on the way out in favor of something like an “Ultimate Dungeons & Dragons” for the iconic fantasy brand’s upcoming 2014 40th anniversary. Then there’s this from the D&D lead designer at Wizards of the Coast, Mike Mearls — read into it what you will, and discuss at length. Roll for initiative!

I’ve only just started collecting the newer “D&D Essentials” line, mostly thanks to the store-closing sales at Borders. So maybe I’m part of the problem. (Here I looked at WotC parent company Hasbro’s declining sales and other signs of trouble, such as the cancellation of the D&D Miniatures line and the rise of Paizo’s D&D 3.5 clone Pathfinder.)

Here are some other interesting reads from around the tubes:

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