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One of my goals has been, and remains, to launch a Nerdvana podcast. It was something I had hoped to kick off with the blog relaunch last month, but I’ve been so busy that it just didn’t materialize.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other geeks out there who have this covered. And I do mean plenty. One of the first features I did when I launched Nerdvana a few years back was Podcasts for Geeks (is that redundant?), and many of the ‘casts I highlighted there still hold up as some of my favorites.

Locally, we’ve got some purveyors of nerd paraphernalia getting in on the act. Bookmans Entertainment Exchange, with stores in Mesa, Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff, has just launched Nerd Time with Rob & Alex! This offering comes from two of the chain’s Flagstaff associates, and covers “comics, movies, and all things nerdy.”

Gamers Inn, a store in Mesa specializing in roleplaying and tactical miniatures games, is getting ready to launch its “Gamer Sinn” podcast — they’re taking questions and suggestions at Podcast.gamersinn@gmail.com. (Gamer’s Inn also hosts the excellent D&D-themed blog Ben’s RPG Pile, which has its own podcast as well.)

Give these guys a listen. And don’t worry — I haven’t given up. You’ll see a Nerdvana podcast in the future — hopefully before the medium goes out of style and we’re all streaming digital content directly into our brains.

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