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Neverending Story Google Doodle

I sadly didn’t get this posted yesterday, when it was most relevant — but I think it’s spectacular that Google honored The Neverending Story with a homepage Doogle on the occasion of its 37th anniversary. The book upon which the beloved 1984 movie was nominally based was first published Sept. 1, 1979.

I still cherish a ratty book-club edition of Michael Ende’s fantastical novel, mainly because it was a gift from my brother but also because the text was color-coded by whose point of view the reader was following. It’s starkly different from Wolfgang Petersen’s film in many ways, leading the author to disavow the film adaptation and try to get its name changed.

Sophie Diao’s charming Doodle illustrations present yet another loving interpretation of Bastian Balthazar Bux, Atreyu, Falcor, the Ivory Tower, the Childlike Empress and her Fantasia/Fantastica. Check them all out here.

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