Mary Elizabeth McGlynn on singing at Saboten Con

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This years’ Saboten Con played host to over 3,000 attendees, hundreds of hours of programming, and some of the most interesting guests the convention has seen. Among those guests was Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, a voice actress popularly known for her roles in Naruto, but more discreetly known as the vocalist behind numerous Akira Yamaoka-composed songs.

McGlynn during one of her performances at the 2012 Saboten Con.                                                                               Photo by Justin Franco.

McGlynn performed alongside Yamaoka, Troy Baker, and Joe Romersa for several concerts throughout the convention weekend, marking their first shows in the United States. They played songs from a collection of Yamaoka-scored games including Silent Hill and Shadows of the Damned. McGlynn confirmed that she has been a vocalist for Yamaoka’s songs ever since Silent Hill 3 and has continued to work with the composer on other projects he has pursued with developer Grasshopper Manufacture.

McGlynn clearly enjoys her time on stage with the band, commenting at the convention that during her performance, “You just can’t help but laugh and have a great time even though you’re singing about heroin addiction and hating your mother and screaming and lying…”

The heavy subject matter didn’t appear to deter attendees, as the Silent Hill and Yamaoka concerts drew fairly large crowds on both days they were scheduled. When asked about how she enjoyed playing at Saboten Con McGlynn said, “It was intimate and wonderful… …it was really special for me.”

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