Lightning Octopus: 6 months of geeking it up, Arizona style

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Nerdvana friend-of-the-blog and supporter Jonathan Simon today celebrates six months of covering geek culture in Arizona on his blog Lightning Octopus.

Every weekend over the past half-year, Simon has managed to round up a nerd-tastic list of things to do, and he’s even found time to profile local luminaries in geekdom (among whom I was honored to be included). On top of that, he curates one of the finest maps of geekdom to be found and a calendar that is unrivaled — which I have included in a Google calendar embedded in this blog’s sidebar.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

Lightning Octopus’ efforts have been so successful that its tentacles recently grabbed the attention of writers at Jackalope Ranch, the Phoenix New Times’ culture blog. But the great thing about Simon’s endeavor is that it’s not all about him — he does it by reaching out to the geek community here in the Valley and even sends his cephalobot helpers a sweet little membership kit. Join the cause!

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