John Scalzi’s Head On is coming in April

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The Cover of Head On

John Scalzi is one of my favorite modern sci-fi authors. I’ve reviewed his short fiction, Miniatures and am looking forward to the potential Old Man’s War film. His newest book Head On arrives in April.

Head On is a sequel to one of his best recent works, Lock-In. It’s been a few years since I’ve read the book — I plan to revisit both it and the prequel document prior to reading the new novel — but if memory serves, it goes something like this:

At some point in the future, a disease causes a portion of the population to lose all motor function and mobility, existing only inside their heads. Technology is developed to grant a higher quality of life. This technology is controlled via a neural connection to its immobile user. The bipedal robots, dubbed “threeps,” become an integrated part of society. The sci-fi elements frame a story that essentially becomes a police thriller.

It’s quite good, indeed.

The new book follows the original, but can also be considered standalone, per Scalzi’s publisher, TOR.

Scalzi is doing a short tour for this book release, with more information available here. It appears to be a small tour — nothing even remotely close to us — but it’s a tour nonetheless.

Will you be reading this novel when it arrives? What’s your favorite Scalzi book? Let us know!

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