Is downtown Mesa’s curiosity shop haunted?

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A group of Tucson ghost hunters will investigate reports of a haunting at Evermore Nevermore in Mesa at 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

The store came to the attention of Wailing Bansidhe Investigations during the 2009 Mesa Ghost Walk. The historic building is home to stories of a mysterious man in a gray coat and items that appear out of thin air. The group was intrigued by shopkeepers’ stories of doors opening on their own and ghostly electrical shenanigans. This weekend will mark the investigators’ second look, which will focus on EVP (electronic voice phenomena) readings.

Wailing Bansidhe founding members Katie Mullaly and J. Patrick Ohlde are the authors of the Arizona ghost-hunting books Scare-izona and Finding Ghosts in Phoenix. Prior to their Evermore Nevermore investigation they will be providing a presentation and discussion on Arizona hauntings and will also be available to autograph their books.

One event attendee and a guest will get to stay after the discussion and have a chance to participate in the EVP investigation, as each book purchase will include a ticket for the contest drawing at the end of the presentation.

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