Nerdvana’s 2017 holiday gift guide: Merry Muggle merchandise

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There’s nothing quite like Hogwarts at Christmastime. Even with the next Fantastic Beasts flick almost a year away, the Wizarding World remains a never-ending source of inspiration and entertainment for us mere Muggles.

Let some of our recent coverage of Potter-powered potboilers be your Patronus in your pursuit of the perfect gift this holiday season.

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New Fantastic Beasts editions: Now with more beasts, Eddie Redmayne

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After all this time: Book club, new editions mark Harry Potter 20th anniversary

Illustrated Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets released

Illustrated editions:

New Hogwarts short story collections released

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Rowling announces 3 collections of Hogwarts stories

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For the N.E.W.T. noob:

Know someone who hasn’t read the Harry Potter series? Why not introduce them in the most complete way possible?

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