Hobbit film back on track!

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Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema have finally kissed and made up. And that means that there will be a big-screen adaptation of The Hobbit after all. A two-part movie to be shot simultaneously, in fact.

The studio announced the good news today. Jackson will produce but it’s not yet clear whether he will direct.

Let’s hope they can get Ian McKellen (kindly wizard Gandalf), Ian Holm (reluctant adventurer Bilbo Baggins) and Hugo Weaving (wise elf Elrond) to reprise their roles from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. And John Rhys-Davies could easily play Gloin, the father of his dwarf character Gimli in the previous outing. Beyond that, they could start with a blank casting slate and still make a go of it.

If all goes well, we should all be headed back to Middle-Earth in 2010. This truly is a terrific holiday gift for those who relished Jackson’s trilogy, which dominated the big screen and captured our imaginations in 2001-2003.

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Jayson Peters
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