Commemorative edition marks 20 years of Heir to the Empire

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Heir to the Empire 20th Anniversary EditionOriginally scheduled for release in June, a special 20th anniversary edition of Timothy Zahn’s landmark Star Wars novel Heir to the Empire hits bookshelves today.

Long before the prequels were a reality, and the thought of the Saga making the jump to a weekly TV series was preposterous, there was Heir to the Empire, which picked up five years after the events of Return of the Jedi, when the ragtag Rebellion was continuing to take back the galaxy from the Empire while building a fragile New Republic.

The hardcover reissue features “commentary-style” annotations from Zahn and others involved in the novel’s creation, an introduction by the author, a reflective platinum-colored jacket overlaying a special version of the original cover artwork by Drew Struzan, and a new Zahn novella, Crisis of Faith, starring Grand Admiral Thrawn — a calculating villain that gave the Emperor and Darth Vader a run for their credits.

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