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One “Leather UK” thought he’d be clever and write a detailed, insightful comment that would elude the Nerdvana spam patrol bots. The result, though hardly original, is a solid description of Conan the Barbarian’s titular character, though it’s sadly about nine months too late to herald the trailer for a film that has since been released in theaters and, indeed, on DVD and Blu-ray.

Conan the BarbarianConan is a character men should aspire to be, and whom proper society fears. He is the man weaker men don’t want to see win, but who does anyway, smashing through all resistance. Conan is a character who is the scarred, pragmatic brute, the fearless leader, and the wily cruel thief all in one. His goals are his goals, he fights for his own benefit, not some Anglicized moral principle. He is the man whom you don’t want to face because you are inconsequential to him. You merely stand in his way, and when you see Conan’s cold gaze you know his capabilities, and your fate. That is what I wanted to see. I want to see a Conan who lives in a world where life is short, fierce and cheap.

Sadly, though I share this comment I am not going to share the commenter’s useful link to what are doubless some of the United Kingdom’s finest leather bed frames. I live, I love, I sleep, and I am content.

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