Graphic designers: Create the next D&D character sheet

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Dungeons & Dragons character sheet contest

Roleplaying gamers are a creative and practical lot, and often have been known to eschew the official gaming accessories in favor of their own inventions. Now you can go beyond homebrew to Hasbro: The gaming company’s Wizards of the Coast division is seeking entries in a contest to find the next great character sheet for its new edition of the Dungeons & Dragons game. The promotion’s winning submission will be featured in an upcoming D&D publication.

We’re looking for flexibility, originality, and functionality. Participants should be familiar with the current D&D Next playtest materials, and it’s probably also a good idea to brush up on those past D&D characters sheets and take a look at the good—and the bad.

In addition to some basic character components, such as Armor Class, Hit Points, Race, Class, and the six ability scores, your character sheet might also include a place for attacks, equipment, spells, feats, skills, background, and other character details. As you go about your design, please keep in mind that D&D Next is still being playtested, and the game is evolving. While some elements of the game are certain to remain, others might change or disappear in future versions of the playtest rules. The winning design maybe need to be adapted by Wizards’ design team in order to prepare or format the character sheet for publication.

Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheet Contest

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