Expecto Patronum! Pottermore unveils Patronus quiz

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Pottermore released its long-awaited Patronus quiz Thursday, giving aspiring witches and wizards yet another glimpse of what their lives could have been like if only their Hogwarts letters had arrived.

Patronus is a protective charm, creating a “pure, protective magical concentration of happiness and hope” in the form of a silvery animal – and, it’s believed, the form of the animal represents something “which is hidden, unknown but necessary within the personality” of the caster, according to Rowling’s writing on the subject.

Plus, the form of someone’s Patronus is almost always the form they’d take as an Animagus, as Rowling recently confirmed in Short Stories from Hogwarts: Heroism, Hardship and Dangerous Hobbies. Between all that, and the important roles Patronuses play in the Potter series, wanting to know your Patronus ranks right up their with declaring your Hogwarts house allegiance for diehard Potter fans.

The quiz itself takes you flying through a dark forest (perhaps the Forbidden Forest on Hogwarts grounds, judging by the stag Patronus and what looks like a lake in the opening sequence?), asking you to quickly pick between several options as sets of words appear on the screen. At the end, you pull your cursor back to cast your Patronus, which is revealed as it gallops, scoots, flies or otherwise makes its way across your screen. If you go back to your Patronus in your profile on, you can cast it to watch it play in your browser window again.

Quite a bit of work clearly went into this quiz – Mugglenet has counted close to 150 different Patronus options so far.

So get over to Pottermore and find out your Patronus – and, if you haven’t done so yet, your Hogwarts house, Ilvermorny house and wand.

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Amanda Keim-Morrison
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