EXCLUSIVE – Amazing Arizona Comics: ‘Shocking Revelations!’

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Today Nerdvana welcomes guest contributor Russ Kazmierczak Jr. with an exclusive “Amazing Arizona Comics” strip … “Shocking Revelations!”

Hi, my name is Russ, the creator of Amazing Arizona Comics, the mini-comic book series about the secret superheroes living among us in Arizona.  Arizona, like Metropolis or Gotham City in other “comics,” always seems to be the center of nationwide turmoil or controversy, and the phenomenon that is the Herman Cain political campaign has been no exception.  From his comments about an electrified border fence to his allegation-denouncing press conference in Scottsdale, Cain has made the Valley pivotal in his bid for President!  But do you know the truth . . .?

Amazing Arizona Comics strives to expose the stories behind the stories — so could this strip, about the perilous, unrecorded moments after his press conference, explain why the GOP debate scheduled in Mesa this month was postponed to February?  Or why, just today, Herman Cain needs special protection from the Secret Service?

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Amazing Arizona Comics by Russ Kazmierczak Jr. - "Shocking Revelations!"

Special thanks to Joe Flores for lettering today’s strip; visit his work at ComicBug.com and T.R.I.B.E. Comics.  Current issues of Amazing Arizona Comics can be found at Downtown Mesa’s Evermore Nevermore or at KaraokeFanboy Press.

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