Dragons will feature heavily in the new Dungeons & Dragons

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With a new edition of Dungeons & Dragons on the way this summer as the roleplaying game turns 40, Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro on Thursday revealed a new multimedia storyline called “Tyranny of Dragons” that will reach across tabletop play, video games, mobile apps and more.

Here be dragons.

Details at this point are few, but Tyranny of Dragons will bring players face-to-face with hordes of evil wyrms and, ultimately, with Tiamat, herself the evil, five-headed queen of dragons from the Nine Hells. (Wizards says this encounter is “for the first time ever,” but in fact Tiamat was the big bad in 2006’s D&D 3.5 adventure module “Red Hand of Doom.” So there.)

USA Today, which was hand-fed the scoop, reports that Wizards is planning a “massive” celebration for D&D’s 40th, and that the Tyranny of Dragons scenario will be the culmination of those plans. Wizards calls Tyranny their largest multi-platform launch so far.

The D&D website had a few more details about the setting of these adventures — the Forgotten Realms — as well as a look at artwork of a rather Mordor-esque temple devoted to Tiamat.


Here and there ...

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