Dungeons & Dragons’ next edition will launch in summer 2014

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Dungeons & Dragons

On Thursday, Wizards of the Coast announced that the new edition of the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game will launch in summer 2014 after nearly two years of open playtesting by more than 175,000 gamers.

“Just like a perfectly balanced party, Wizards has worked cohesively with fans, designers and partners to create the next generation of D&D,” said Nathan Stewart, brand director for Dungeons & Dragons at the Hasbro subsidiary. “We wholeheartedly thank all of the play test participants, whose feedback has proven instrumental in shaping the future of Dungeons & Dragons.”

The release will put the new edition, unofficially (perhaps) dubbed “D&D Next,” in the game’s 40th anniversary year.

More information is promised early next year.

Summer is also when gaming convention Gen Con occurs each year in Indianapolis, so expect a D&D extravaganza, if not product release, at that venerable event.

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