What price D&D?

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Dungeons & Dragons

Barnes & Noble recently listed some of the new Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game products that are due out this summer — but the listings were taken down, indicating the information wasn’t meant to be released, yet.

(This happens a lot with Wizards of the Coast.)

The listings for a $19.95 “Starter Set” available July 15 and a $49.95 Player’s Handbook out Aug. 19 would square with the widely expected Gen Con launch window — the Indianapolis game expo runs Aug. 14-17. There’s no mention yet of a Dungeon Master’s Guide or Monster Manual, which traditionally accompany the PHB at or near launch. And the $50 price point for a single, presumably hardback volume would be a new high — unless you account for inflation.

Thanks to EN World RPG News & Reviews for the tip.

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