Classic ‘Doctor Who’ novelizations dusted off for audio

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While many science fiction and fantasy shows spawn a series of original novels based on the TV series, Doctor Who may be unique in that SO many of its many episodes were directly adapted into novelizations. These slim, pulpy-looking volumes were published by British publisher Target, and were known for their distinctive stylized cover artwork (which you can see a bit of in the trailer above, along with images and audio samples from the TV episodes).

Now these novelizations are themselves being adapted into audiobook form for the BBC by AudioGO, with classic Doctor Who actors reading the material. Recent and upcoming editions include “The Edge of Destruction,” read by William Russell; “The War Games,” read by David Troughton (the son of the Doctor in that story); “The Ribos Operation,” read by John Leeson; and “Inferno,” ready by Caroline John.

The Stones of BloodBut Doctor Who’s 100th storyline, 1978’s “The Stones of Blood,” is not just being adapted into audio — it’s being rewritten fresh by its author, David Fisher, and will be read by Susan Engel, a major guest star from the televised episode who played the role of Vivien Fay. It will also feature Leeson, who provided the voice of the robotic dog K9. This title will be available May 5.

“Stones of Blood” is a personal favorite of mine, and was the third story in the “Key to Time” season that introduced Romana, the Doctor’s female Time Lord companion.

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