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Doctor Who 1980s Dalek novelizations complete classic era of Target books

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Revelation of the Daleks novelization by Eric SawardResurrection of the Daleks novelization by Eric SawardThe Target range of books is how many people around the world experienced classic Doctor Who stories, especially those from the show’s early 1960s era that were not saved from oblivion before home video or syndication was possible or popular.

In fact, Target novelized all but two of the original 1963-89 run of Doctor Who: the Fifth Doctor story “Resurrection of the Daleks” and the Sixth Doctor story “Revelation of the Daleks,” both featuring the series’ most iconic villains.

That changes this year, when those two stories come to the printed page at last. Both written for television by Eric Saward, one of Doctor Who’s longest-serving script editors, they have been novelized finally by Saward himself.

“Resurrection” features the return of evil genius Davros, creator of the Daleks, who tries to break a deadlocked war between them and the robotic Movellans. Its novelization will be out in hardback and Kindle format July 18, 2019.

“Revelation,” continuing the Dalek schism as the next incarnation of the Doctor seeks to pay his respects to an old friend on a funeral planet, will be out Nov. 14, 2019, in hardcover and Kindle.

You can order these Daleks novelizations at the links above.

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