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Dungeons and Dragons Exemplars of EvilWizards of the Coast is planning a series of updates to Dungeons & Dragons supplements and adventure modules produced near the end of 3rd Edition’s lifespan that will make them more useful to players of the newer 4th Edition.

The following 3.5-version products will “go Fourth” this month:

  • Exemplars of Evil
  • Elder Evils
  • Fortress of the Yuan-ti
  • Stormreach
  • Dragons of Eberron
  • Anauroch

D&D creative manager Chris Perkins noted in the official game forum: “Normally I’d say ‘Better late than never,’ but these are pretty damn late. Again, profuse apologies. We suck.” Supplements published during the transition between editions, before the new rules were out, carried a logo that indicated they would be compatible with 4th Edition.

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