AD&D 1st Edition premium reprints to help build Gary Gygax memorial

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Right on the heels of announcing a new version of Dungeons & Dragons intended to unite fans of the venerable roleplaying game’s many different editions, publisher Wizards of the Coast has announced it will offer limited-edition reprints of the 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rulebooks.

Going on sale April 17, the reprints of the original hardcover Monster Manual ($34.95), Player’s Handbook ($34.95) and Dungeon Master’s Guide ($44.95) will feature new cover designs commemorating the re-release of the 1977-79 AD&D rules. And to help support your friendly local gaming shop, Wizards of the Coast says they will only be available through hobby retailers.

Best of all, sales will help support an effort to erect a memorial statue to D&D co-creator Gary Gygax in Lake Geneva, Wis. He died in 2008 at the age of 69.

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Correction: This post originally incorrectly said all three volumes would carry the same price of $34.95.

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