Closing the book on Nintendo Power

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Nintendo PowerIt looks like Nintendo Power is joining the ranks of gaming magazines to cease print publication.

The marketing mouthpiece started in 1988 as an evolution of the official Nintendo Fun Club newsletter and never apologized for its slant, but for many years before the Internet took over gaming news it was nonetheless the standard by which all others were judged: slick, meaty, fun, and as interactive as a dead tree can be. Its covers ranged from grotesque to stunningly beautiful, and I can still smell the sun-baked polybag that arrived, at first, every other month and then eventually monthly.

According to Destructoid and Ars Technica, Nintendo isn’t interested in digital publication.

Tip and archival image via IGN

What are your favorite memories of NP? Classified Information cheats? The Howard and Nestor comics? The strategy guides? The survey you always took hoping to win the game of the month, but knew you never would? Commiserate in the comments below!

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