Big Finish to produce Doctor Who audios through 2015 (at least)

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Doctor Who Big Finish ProductionsAccording to Doctor Who News, Big Finish Productions has received an extension on its license to produce original Doctor Who audio dramas through December 2015.

Big Finish was keeping the appetites of Doctor Who fandom sated long before the series returned to television in 2005 after cancellation in 1989. It uses full casts comprising many of the original series’ stars, with stellar guest performers such as David Warner, David Tennant (who would later become the Doctor himself on television!) and Mark Gatiss, and many of the writers for their range would also pen latter-day TV episodes (Gatiss included).

Big Finish also produces original audios featuring situations and stars from such TV classics as Blake’s 7, Dark Shadows, Stargate SG-1/Atlantis, Highlander and Sapphire & Steel.


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