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MysterionSouth Park fans can rest easy — at last Cthulhu has been banished and all of the secrets of Mysterion — aka Kenny — have been revealed. The show finally tackled the character’s frequent deaths and resurrection in the most direct way yet, and it all has to do with his parents’ unfortunate mooching off a Cthulhu cult many years ago.

For whatever reason, immortal characters have always fascinated mankind — and therefore have offered science fiction a convenient outlet through which to explore our limited existence. Here are just a few examples — please, add others in the comments!

Capt. Jack HarknessCapt. Jack Harkness, Doctor Who and Torchwood — Brought back to life after extermination at the hands of the Daleks by the forbidden power of the Time Lords, this roguish Time Agent has been forced to die again and again, only to awaken each time to defend Earth from alien threats while he awaits the return of the Doctor, the one person who may be able to help him. He’s seen more loved ones die than he cares to count, and has had to sacrifice some of them himself for the greater good. When Torchwood returns next year, how will his latest losses affect the man who cannot die?

McLeodsConnor MacLeod and Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod, Highlander movies and TV series — To many of this race of Immortals, life is a game that only ends when your foe takes your head. But to the MacLeods, it’s about living and loving, and protecting the rest of humanity from those like them.  Still … there can be only one!

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