Fresh Inkling: Dark Horse brings us the fresh Ninten-tome ‘Art of Splatoon’

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Splatoon is one of the Wii U’s true sensations, a unique experience that made that struggling gaming console’s later stages of life more interesting when it came out in 2015. But if the Switch hardware reveal is any indication, we haven’t seen the last of Inkopolis and it’s squid/kid denizens just yet.

Yes, somehow Splatoon will be a part of Nintendo’s next generation of games, and you’ll be able to add to keep your collection of Inkling amiibo figures “fresh” by adding to it with this summer’s release from Dark Horse: an English translation of The Art of Splatoon.

Due on shelves June 13, 2017, The Art of Splatoon will clock in at 320 pages splashed with illustrations of characters, maps, concept art, weapon and gear design, storyboards, sketches and hand-drawn comics.

Dark Horse has become a bit of a “dark horse” when it comes to gaming accessories: Feb. 21 will see the release of the already announced Nintendo-Dark Horse title The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts, the follow-up to the popular Hyrule Historia.

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