Soon-to-be-Amazon-owned comiXology shuts down iOS storefront

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comixologyAmazon recently struck a deal to acquire the digital comic book app comiXology. Now comiXology is removing the ability to purchase titles directly through their app on iOS devices, after “retiring” an older app that had that ability and introducing a new one that does not and moving much closer to Amazon’s Kindle e-reader business model.

While the war is waging over net neutrality, the fight for tablet neutrality apparently has been decided already.

As Comic Book Resources’ JK Parkin explains:

The change puts comiXology’s sales method in line with Amazon’s Kindle app for the iOS, which also allows you to sync previously purchased books but not actually purchase them through the app – which means Apple doesn’t get a cut of the sale. Both Apple and Amazon are competitors in the tablet market.

ComiXology announced the changes today on their Tumblr blog. Also announced: Their Android app has been updated with a new in-app purchase system, and existing customers who have made a comiXology purchase will get a $5 credit to “ease this transition.”

Many users will already be comfortable with purchasing titles through the comiXology website then accessing them through the app on their Apple device. Others will balk at the extra step. Amazon and comiXology will get to keep lots of money, and Apple executives will shake their fists.

What do you think of this latest development in the digitization of comics?

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