20 classic DuckTales episodes that never get old

Star Wars canon books

Here is your Disney-approved Star Wars books canon

It can be hard to keep track of which Star Wars books are “canon” now and which ones aren’t.

Doctor Who: Shada

How you can watch Shada, Doctor Who’s lost episode – completed with animation

There are several ways to watch Shada, the lost Doctor Who episode by Douglas Adams that has been reconstructed with animated sequences.

Halloween 2018 movie Michael Myers

Review: Halloween – Just kill me already …

Despite one or two brief moments of genius and a couple of laughs, my foremost thought while watching the new “Halloween” was, ‘Just kill me already.’

Recent and upcoming video game releases

Take a look at new video game releases coming in the next week and beyond.

Spaceship battle sim ‘Dreadnought’ launches on Steam

If piloting giant spaceships into multiplayer battles with gorgeous visuals is your thing, Dreadnought officially launched on Steam for Windows PC on Monday.

Doctor Who Series 11 opening titles

New Doctor Who Series 11 opening titles bring back the weird

Here’s a look at the new Doctor Who Series 11 opening titles and theme tune!

Disney Drops Live-Action Aladdin Teaser Trailer

Disney drops live-action Aladdin teaser trailer

Disney released a new poster as well as a new trailer for their upcoming remake of the classic 1992 animation film Aladdin.

Ryan Coogler’s ‘Black Panther’ sequel

Everyone’s been waiting for a Black Panther sequel, and Ryan Coogler reportedly plans to write the film next year.


Halfway through Orktober

The makers of Warhammer 40,000, Games Workshop, announced that this month, “Orktober,” focuses on news and release info for the Orks faction.

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4-In-1 charger dock for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

4-In-1 charger dock for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons 46% off

This power station lets you and your Switch crew get back to the gaming faster.

Nintendo Switch battery charger

Nintendo Switch battery charger case 33% off

A Nintendo Switch battery charger case is available now for $40!

Millennium Falcon ice

Keep things Han and Lando cool with these Millennium Falcon ice molds

Deal alert: 2 Millennium Falcon ice molds for $10!

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