Voyage Trekkers TV episode

Voyage Trekkers’ Remarkable crew of misfits returns for a half-hour of dark sci-fi comedy

The Voyage Trekkers TV episode gives the indie web series’ sci-fi sarcasm a more epic format.

The Dark Knight Returns

Bill Maher, Steve Benson and the social impact of comics books and cartoons

How can Steve Benson’s firing from the Arizona Republic and Bill Maher’s tripling-down on his anti-comic books stance be linked?

‘Logopolis’: Tom Baker’s Doctor Who farewell comes to the big screen in March

“Logopolis,” Tom Baker’s final episode after a long run as the iconic Fourth Doctor in Doctor Who, is coming to the big screen to mark the season’s Blu-ray release.

The Daleks' Master Plan

The Daleks’ Master Plan, epic lost Doctor Who serial, comes to vinyl

You can’t watch Doctor Who’s epic adventure The Daleks’ Master Plan, but you can listen to it – and now, there’s a vinyl release.

Doctor Who Vislor Turlough

Early 1980s episodes show Doctor Who world-building at its biggest

Doctor Who world-building really hit overdrive in the run-up to the sci-fi series’ 20th anniversary.

The Time Lord’s wives: Sex, love and marriage in Doctor Who

Sex, love and marriage in Doctor Who? As audiences have matured, so have the venerable sci-fi series’ themes.

Star Wars canon books

Here is your Disney-approved Star Wars books canon

It can be hard to keep track of which Star Wars books are “canon” now and which ones aren’t.

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