Optimus Prime waxes poetic on NASA’s history, future

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Even as the American space program scrambles to fund a modest mission to Mars, NASA’s marketing aces haven’t given up hope of inspiring future generations to embrace the spirit of exploration that took us to the moon and gave us the promise of so much more.

Check out this video by ReelNASA on YouTube, narrated by Transformers voice artist extraordinaire Peter Cullen. It’s also a visual montage of human exploration on par with, if not better than, the opening credits to Star Trek: Enterprise (sappy folk song aside … I’d much rather listen to Cullen’s inspirational delivery of anything than “Faith of the Heart”).

Why do we explore? Simply put, it is part of who we are, and it is something we have done throughout our history. In NASA’s new video, “We Are the Explorers,” we take a look at that tradition of reaching for things just beyond our grasp and how it is helping us lay the foundation for our greatest journeys ahead.

But it probably doesn’t belong in the category “Pets & Animals.”

Hat tip to Bob Beard (who also gets props for reminding me that Cullen was the narrator for the Voltron title sequence).

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