The day of ‘The Day of the Doctor’ trailers (and it’s about time)

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We’re two weeks away from the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who, which is to be simulcast globally (the program’s official Tumblr has a handy guide to local times, but that’s 12:50 p.m. Pacific and Mountain time Saturday, Nov. 23, on BBC America). To date we’ve had a few production photos here and there, and an absolutely epic promo video, but yesterday the BBC finally treated us to a quick clip, followed up by two different but similar trailers today.

It looks like the Time War will indeed play itself out before us in some fashion, and Ten and Eleven together looks like great fun. John Hurt’s character is still a mystery, but things are indeed coming together for an epic anniversary.

See if you can catch all the trailers’ nostalgic Easter eggs… and Save the Day.

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