Cheese and glory of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s 6th season is coming to Blu-ray

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Star Trek: The Next Generation’s sixth season is on course for a Blu-ray release this June — and as you can see from this trailer, the Enterprise-D crew certainly knows how to have fun among their explorations and adventures.

But it’s not all holographic adventures, happy-face drawings Q-scapades. The dramatic two-parter “Chain of Command” saw Amnesty International consulting on Picard’s humiliating captivity among the Cardassians — who can forget “There are four lights!” — and also set up the galaxy-changing events that led directly into TNG’s first spinoff series, Deep Space Nine. And DS9 would make a cameo later in the season for the midseason two-parter “Birthright,” when Worf uncovers a shameful Klingon secret and Data begins to explore his own personality when he unlocks the ability to dream.

What’s your favorite sixth-season episode?

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