Classic Doctor Who is returning to American television

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Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor in Doctor Who

The original Doctor Who hasn’t been seen in these parts for years, aside from selected anniversary presentations last year and sporadic pockets of civilization that still have public television stations willing to show it. But that’s about to change.

A new agreement between BBC Worldwide and Retro TV will bring episodes from the British sci-fi show’s first three decades to American TV screens, along with its reruns of small-screen classics Highway to Heaven, Dragnet and Bonanza.

According to Doctor Who News, the deal will include nearly 500 episodes featuring the first seven Doctors — all the available inventory from BBC Worldwide, minus those missing from the archives.

So if you don’t have a large collection on VHS or DVD, and you’ve grown tired of watching the same few serials Netflix has been streaming for years, take heart!

Never mind the obvious question of why BBC America isn’t doing this … as the Doctor would probably say, “I’ll explain later.”

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