2012: Some of Jayson’s favorite stories

Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Nerdvana founder Jayson Peters shares some of his favorite stories from 2012.

Disney acquiring Lucasfilm for $4 billion, slates Star Wars Episode 7 for 2015

How can this not be at the top of my list?

Even for a marching band, this video game program is deliciously nerdy

As a high school marching band nerd, I would have killed to play the Legend of Zelda theme.

A few people who possibly screwed up Star Wars more than George Lucas

I love the Star Wars “Expanded Universe,” but not unconditionally …

They’re dead, Jim: Star Trek books are killing everyone off, blowing everything up

I enjoyed catching up with the crew members of the 24th century Starfleet … that is, those of them that are left.

Doctor Who pulls off a stunning surprise in season premiere

What are Souffle Girl’s secrets? We’re still wondering even after her return (of sorts) in the Doctor Who Christmas special.

NerdvanaCon recap: 2nd Friday geeks out

We celebrated this blog’s fifth anniversary in style for downtown Mesa’s 2nd Friday in August … Man, was it hot — but that didn’t keep the crowds away!

‘God’ help me: 5 reasons Star Trek V isn’t all that bad

If you bait them, they will come …

Welcome to the Stargate casino: Playing in the ruins of a sci-fi video game franchise

I never cease to be amazed by the depths of depravity to which so-called video game developers in Mesa have been allowed to drag the Stargate franchise.

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