EDMeye app looks to let festival fans take the light show home

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Sean Wendt, a digital advertising specialist, got sucked into the world of electronic dance music at this past June’s Electronic Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, and the result is a mobile app that will change the way EDM fans experience future such festivals.

Wendt was impressed with the incredible light shows EDM fans see while wearing diffraction lenses, but wanted a way to capture the experience in photographic form without awkwardly holding a special lens up to the camera. That’s why he and some collaborators have created an application for iPhone and Android users to let them take photos with the devices using an in-app filter to re-create the experience in their keepsake photos. And they’ve turned to Kickstarter to raise $3,500 in funding to help make it the best app it can be.

“This app will increase the overall experience for EDM fans,” said Wendt in a statement to Nerdvana. “They will look back at photos feel like they’re still at the show.”

They’re hoping to launch the “EDMeye” app for $2 to $5 in Apple’s App Store and Google Play soon.

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