The LEGO Movie builds to a satisfying conclusion

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Film Review The Lego Movie

I wasn’t looking forward to this. At. All. But I knew that as the father of a LEGO-loving 9-year-old with a LEGO-loving best friend, I’d end up taking them both to see The LEGO Movie on its opening weekend. You can say I was resigned to the fact.

Don’t get me wrong — I love LEGOs. Always have, always will. And while the ever-increasing crassness of the media tie-ins grates on even me, a pop culture nerd if ever there was one, I’m not really opposed to seeing the franchises I love — Star Wars, Middle-earth, Back to the Future, etc. — invade the product line. In fact, it’s kind of what I dreamed of as a young builder. It just irks me a little bit sometimes when I remember the worlds I created with simpler blocks, and of course it also threatens me with destitution.

But I’ve been singing or humming “Everything is Awesome” for weeks, and I knew I could not escape my destiny. And while The LEGO Movie was silly, sometimes obnoxious and even a little stupid, it was, indeed, awesome.

Here are a few reasons why:

The LEGO Movie shows us what Batman would probably be like if Bruce Wayne were a real person — arrogant, self-obsessed, and totally resourceful and … awesome.

Film Review The Lego Movie

Lord Business is likely the most human role Will Ferrell’s ever played. And it pisses off Fox News. Double awesome. Seriously though, the movie’s basic conceit is so obvious it’s amazing they went through with it, and it’s executed in such a fun way

Middle-Zealand. That’s awesome. Prove it isn’t.

The climax features the hero donning creating an Aliens-inspired power loader to save his friends, including his love interest, from evil Micro Manager constructs — and unfortunately, it does NOT result in him screaming “Get away from her, you bricks!” Bummer. But I said it in the theater. Out loud. Just a little bit. Because I’m awesome like that.

Did you enjoy The LEGO Movie? If so, what piece?

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