Star Wars rumor roundup: stormtroopers, Han model, villains and Blu-ray redemption

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Return of the Jedi

Star Wars rumors are flying like frenzied mynocks right now.

Here’s a look at some of the more significant alleged revelations.

What are they wearing?

Last week there were sketches from a reputable source of next-generation stormtroopers from Episode VII floating around the Web — now there are leaked photos purporting to be the real deal, and they’re certainly cool. If these are real, they show the design team is still definitely cleaving to the original A New Hope designs of Ralph McQuarrie.

From the same publication, Indierevolver, come two sketches allegedly leaked of Han Solo’s attire in the film.

Big bads

Latino Review claims to have the scoop (again) on the identity of Episode VII’s villains, and, if accurate, there’s a definite link between the new movie and the upcoming Star Wars Rebels animated series.

Restoring balance to the Force? claims to have knowledge of plans to release the unaltered, pre-Special Edition versions of A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. This would be tricky for Disney to arrange, as 20th Century Fox will own the distribution rights to those films and the prequels for some time — forever, in the case of the original Star Wars: Episode IV.

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