Star Wars updates: A Death Eater joins the Empire, and Boba Fett lives

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Star Wars Rebels: The Inquisitor

Lots of updates from that Galaxy Far, Far Away — some official, others …


  • Jason Isaacs, who went deliciously dark in the Harry Potter movies as Draco Malfoy’s Death Eater father Lucius, has been revealed by Entertainment Weekly as the voice of the evil Inquisitor character in Star Wars Rebels.
  • Don’t click here (or open up DK’s Star Wars Rebels Visual Guide) if you don’t want to know about some of the familiar faces that will appear in Rebels.
  • When Marvel takes the reins of Star Wars comics next year from Dark Horse, they will release a collection of the original Marvel Star Wars comic books. elaborates.
  • As far as George Lucas is concerned, Boba Fett survived his tangle with the Almighty Sarlacc of the Great Pit of Carkoon. /Film explains.
  • ADDENDUM: Recognize this spacecraft? I think you just might.


  • There’s an … interesting “leak” floating around, thanks to Badass Digest, that describes how Episode VII might begin, and if true it basically claims to outline the main plot. (Pass the salt.)
  • Variety says actress Christina Chong will appear in Episode VII. Lucasfilm and Disney haven’t confirmed any casting since the first week of July, when they used the results of their public casting call to bury the lede because they had to announce a two-week halt in filming to accommodate Harrison Ford’s recent injuries on set.


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