Zack Snyder now not adapting Seven Samurai as a Star Wars movie (UPDATED)

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Vulture reports that 300 and Man of Steel director Zack Snyder is working on a Star Wars movie outside of the new sequel trilogy — but parallel to it. And it’s described as a “Jedi epic loosely based on Akira Kurosawa’s 1954 classic Seven Samurai, with the ronin and katana being replaced by the Force-wielding knights and their iconic lightsabers.”

I say again: Whoa. It may be too good to be true …

Since Disney acquired the Lucasfilm properties it’s been widely speculated that there would be standalone stories in the Star Wars universe brought to the big screen, in much the same way Disney’s acquisition of Marvel allowed a vast and varied exploration of the venerable comics’ many worlds and heroes. If this rumor turns out to be true (SEE BELOW), it looks like the Marvel-Disney relationship is indeed being used as a template for the future of the Galaxy Far, Far Away.

It didn’t take long for the Arizona fan community to launch a Facebook page attempting to tie this development in with “Samurai Boba Fett” costume from Allen Amis and Anarchy Squared Creations that has taken the convention scene by storm recently. The page is called “Hey Hollywood, use Allen Amis for your Star Wars Samurai movie.” (Anarchy Squared has a lot of amazing armor, costumes and props inspired by Star Wars characters on its main Facebook page.)

For his part, Snyder has denied the Vulture report. His rep told the L.A. Times’ Heat Vision blog that he is flattered but is not involved in any Star Wars prequel or spinoff.

Nothing to see here — move along!


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