New foe wants Earth’s pudding in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods clip

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

Dragon Ball Z, don’t ever change! That’s how I reacted to the clip Nerdvana is presenting from Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods, which has a short run in cinemas around the nation today and tomorrow (more info on screenings here).

Hit the jump to watch the clip, then flick through a gallery of official stills from the movie.

An ancient and powerful god of destruction has come to Earth on the trail of rumors about a Saiyan warrior who defeated Frieza — that’s Goku, of course. But this foul-tempered newcomer, Lord Beerus the Destroyer, doesn’t find the Super Saiyan God he’s looking for; what’s worse, the Earthlings won’t share their pudding! So they must be spanked. In the case of Gotenks, literally spanked.

I really dig the obvious ancient Egyptian influence in Beerus’ character design, and he’s got a better sense of humor than Frieza — up to a point. Just remember, as the world burns around us: “This is what happens when mortals don’t share their pudding!”

Clip and stills provided to Nerdvana by FUNimation Entertainment

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