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Babylon 5 creator rebooting TV series as feature film

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One bit of news that’s flown somewhat under the radar since San Diego Comic-Con is word that Babylon 5 will be making a comeback soon.

Creator J. Michael Straczynski announced that he’s working on a feature film reboot of his 1990s science fiction TV series. He said he would give Warner Bros. first shot at the movie, but that he would move ahead with it with or without them, writing the script in 2015 and filming it with his own studio in 2016.

Why not a return to television? Cinemas are currently Straczynski’s last, best hope for a return to his universe, as Warner Bros. controls everything but the movie rights when it comes to Babylon 5.

Straczynski said there would be a new cast, but he hoped to include some kind of role for the original stars of the TV series such as Bruce Boxleitner, whom Straczynski said would be fun to cast as the Earth Alliance president. He also pushed for fans to express their desire to Warner that B5 be made available in more online streaming services; the series was release on DVD years ago, and it’s available on iTunes.

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