Nintendo Wii

Nintendo discontinues original Wii production

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Nintendo Wii

Nintendo is ending production on the original Wii gaming console, according to a report from The Verge.

Rolling Stone has a good analysis of what this move might mean for the company’s future.

Already deeply discounted and supplanted by the less groundbreaking but more advanced and backward-compatible Wii U system, the Wii was once as profitable and sought after as it was innovative.

It introduced motion gaming to the masses, but just couldn’t ride that runaway train for long — or follow up with quality software and third-party support.

Though I could move my Virtual Console titles from the Wii to my Wii U, I’ll always keep my old Wii – I have too many GameCube games that I cherish, but traded in my GameCube hardware itself long ago. We’ll be saying the same thing about Wii Us before too long…

What’s your favorite Wii memory?

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