What if Metroid had lyrics? Brentalfloss takes video game schtick to the next level

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Brent Black, aka “brentalfloss,” is known for his comedic covers of video game tunes such as “Mega Man 2 With Lyrics,” “DuckTales With Lyrics” and many other fun tracks. But his latest batch from the album FLOSSOPHY includes a radical departure called “METROID: Fight for Love” that features Alysha Umphress on vocals bringing an emotional backstory to the classic NES side-scroller Metroid.

Other FLOSSOPHY tracks include tributes to Earthbound, Mario Paint, Luigi’s Mansion and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, as well as a collaboration with Mega Ran, “Ballad of the Mages.” Give it a spin and support some hilarious and, now, touching NES-talgia.

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