Kickstarter goal: Console gaming bar in Tempe’s Mill Avenue District

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Go to the bar or play video games? Not exactly a crisis, but certainly it can be a minor dilemma sometimes. Of course there are bars with arcade units, and larger arcade-bars like GameWorks and Dave & Buster’s. But a neighborhood bar built around the concept of console gaming?

Enter The Coliseum of Gaming, a Kickstarter-powered project to bring such a place to downtown Tempe’s Mill Avenue District:

Customers will not be torn between having to choice between the bar or gaming because customers are able to order food or drinks at the touch of a button while playing games because each station has a “call button” for service. The bar environment will offer a relaxed lounge-type ambience with comfortable couches, plenty
of drinks and delicious food. On the weekends there will be an upbeat vibe featuring DJ’s, live bands or comedians.

The Kickstarter project’s goal is to raise $100,000, but they have a long way to go at the time of this posting.

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