I’m Game — Are you?

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I'm GameGames are everywhere now — from our living room consoles to tablets and phones, to social networks and “gamified” weight loss campaigns and task lists. “In a world” where gaming has gone beyond the mainstream into the mundane, what game do you choose to represent you?

That’s the question put to Nerdvana’s small army of contributors. In an ongoing series of essays, we’ll find out the titles that make us tick (and click, and button-mash, and throw the controller across the room in abject frustration, only to pick it up sheepishly seconds later to try again).

Unlike some gaming platforms that shall remain nameless, Nerdvana’s a bit of an open system. So while we want your comments agreeing and disagreeing, we also want your essays on the subject. Feel free to post them in the comments or to submit them via our contact page.

I’m Game: Ryan Biggs — N64-ever

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