Can ZombiU bundle breathe life into shambling sales of Nintendo’s Wii U?

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It’s no secret that Nintendo’s having a rough time pushing Wii U consoles. The 3 million units sold worldwide is a disappointment compared to the rapid pace of its predesessor, the original Wii, back when motion-controlled gaming was a novelty.

Today Nintendo announced a new bundle that may help boost sales by appealing to the “hardcore” gamer that has lately eluded them: The ZombiU Deluxe Set. Targeted for a Feb. 17 release at $390, it contains everything the $350 black-console Deluxe Set has, including the Nintendo Land minigame compilation — although in download form versus disc. In addition, it packs in Ubisoft’s ZombiU game and the sweet Pro Controller, as well as ZombiU bonus content. The system is the same 32 GB unit as the original Deluxe Set, including a GamePad charging station.

(I still don’t know why anyone would want to buy the $300 white Wii U basic set with no game, no charging station and smaller 8 GB storage.)

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