Star Wars Episode VII script done, shooting in May; spinoffs not linked; Boba maybe not the man he used to be …

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Star Wars

Recently we learned some of the reasons for the writer shakeup on Star Wars Episode VII, and now on the heels of that we have some new information to start the week.

  • A script is done, and shooting for the sequel will start in May, according to director J.J. Abrams. TheWrap, USA Today
  • TV Guide reports that Carrie Fisher says she, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill will be starting work on the film in spring, which could gel with Abrams’ timetable — but there is still no information coming out of Disney or Lucasfilm about plot or casting. Abrams did confirm, however, recent rumors of Friday Night Lights and Breaking Bad actor Jesse Plemons meeting with the production team about a role — which the 25-year-old has dutifully denied in public. Abrams says we should get casting details soon — presumably, that will come with some hint of a story direction …
  • Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy says the sequel episodes of the Saga won’t be intentionally connected with the spinoff movies planned for several as-yet-unidentifed key characters. Straits Times
  • One of the characters heavily rumored for a spinoff film is Boba Fett — but it may not be the genuine article. Latino Review suggests Episode VII writer Lawrence Kasdan wants to start such a movie with the clone Fett being killed and his identity stolen by some other bounty hunter.

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