Wish list: What other games need the DuckTales ‘remaster’ treatment?

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Faster than a Veronica Mars Kickstarter, Capcom’s announcement this week at PAX East that they’re “remastering” the 1989 NES game DuckTales has a lot of gamers wondering if their other favorite games could make a next-gen comeback.

What is your favorite old-school game that you hope gets a new lease on life? Here are some of my thoughts — add your own in the comments!

Capcom’s already the master of this sort of “remaster,” having brought Mega Man back for new adventures with an old-school feel recently. They could extend this streak even further with new levels of their devilishly difficult NES platformer Ghosts’n Goblins. This game shared a producer with Capcom’s original DuckTales title.

Capcom had a range of awesome Disney titles for the NES and Super NES, and fans are already clamoring to see Chip ‘n Dale’s Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck and Aladdin get the same treatment as Uncle Scrooge and his nephews. Chip ‘n Dale showed the same amazing game design and reverence for source material as DuckTales, but added two-player support.

(Sidebar: If all this Disney Afternoon talk is making you nostalgic, or you want to see what all the fuss is about, Walmart is selling DVD collections of many of the shows’ seasons in-store right now for under $10.)

Wizards & Warriors

Personally, the original NES Metroid is a favorite for its seemingly endless opportunities for exploration. A remix of Nintendo’s simple side-scrolling classic with some new Little Big Planet-style world-building elements would be a dream come true. Similarly, Rare and Acclaim’s Wizards & Warriors would be fun to revisit with upgraded visuals and a deeper play experience.

Konami has a deep bench of memorable game franchises, but with Castlevania still kicking, the alien ass-kicking platformer Contra is ripest for a refresh. (WiiWare brought us Contra Rebirth in 2009, but five stages just isn’t enough depth.) They could also do us all a favor by remastering Hudson’s Adventure Island.

What is your favorite old-school game that you hope gets a new lease on life?

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3 thoughts on “Wish list: What other games need the DuckTales ‘remaster’ treatment?

  1. Goonies 2 on NES!

    Also, a remastered Dr. Mario, in which the heads of Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears replace the viruses for catching pills.

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