Vul-Con gaming events ending, organizers say

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Another Valley gaming convention has folded.

In a post on Facebook Sunday night, republished below, Vul-Con organizers Rick Ivansek and Jay Mann explain that the convention is not able to weather financial difficulties despite the use of personal funds:

It is with heavy hearts that we have to announce the disbanding of Vul-Con. Over the last two years, we’ve had the great pleasure of bringing some unique gaming experiences to the Southwest. When we set out on this venture, we did so with full awareness that it would not be self-sustaining for 3 – 5 years. We consciously chose to weather this startup period from personal funds and determined that this would be possible. Unfortunately, we had not counted on the severe depth and length of the current recession and financial setbacks have forced us to abandon all future plans for Vul-Con and related ventures such as Dust World Expo.

The hardest part of shutting down is that there are a few stalwarts out there who have put their hearts and souls into this venture with us. We will not list you here, for fear of missing someone on the list, but you know who you are, and we can not thank you enough for your support and friendship. The easiest part is that some folks have worked at odds against us either through apathy or purposeful desire towards some other end. We will not list you either, but want you to know that there are no hard feelings and all is forgiven. The best part is that we will now have an infusion of time into our personal lives, which have largely been placed on hold for the past few years, leaving us free to spend time actually playing games with you.Please know that we are not fading away from the gaming community. As many of you know, we have a particular fondness for miniatures and wargames, especially Paolo Parente’s Dust. We will continue to support and promote the growth of this product line, starting with the formation of a new alliance of Dust fans – The Dust Devils. Be good, be well, and we’ll see you around,Rick and Jay
Retired Vul-Con Co-Consuls.
At NerdvanaCon back in August, I got to see firsthand how deep Jay and Rick’s roots in the Valley gaming community go, and I wish them nothing but the best and thank them for their dedication.

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