Convention watch: Farewell to Flagstaff’s Anime Kaigi

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Flagstaff’s Anime Kaigi convention organizers announced Friday that the event is committing seppuku:

Dear friends, fans, attendees, and partners of Anime Kaigi,

Anime KaigiIt is with great sadness that we bring this news: Anime Kaigi will not be returning to Flagstaff in the foreseeable future. Instead of running a 4th-annual event this winter that would have a high chance of failure or disappointment for our fans, we decided that we would let Kaigi be remembered in its former glory as being an awesome event where hundreds upon hundreds of people had a fun time together. Many of you met new friends. Many of you went on to attend other conventions, now that you’ve seen what they’re all about. The stories will live on through all of you, and Kaigi will never be forgotten. We’re proud to have brought you this event, and we’re so very happy to made a difference in your lives.

We’d like to bring some attention to the other conventions in the surrounding area that are run by great people. Instead of signing-off to conventions, we’d like to encourage you to branch out a bit and start going to some of these larger Arizona conventions:

– Saboten-Con in the Phoenix area (Labor Day, in Aug/Sept)
– Con-Nichiwa in Tucson (March)
– Taiyou-Con in the Phoenix area (January)
– Arizona Fur Con (new!) in the Phoenix area (October)
– Phoenix Comic-Con in the Phoenix area (Memorial Day, in May)

Again, instead of allowing Kaigi to “fail” this year, we’re hoping that you’ll simply remember us, and all the good times that came from it. One quote that might help to sum things up:

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss

The staff of Anime Kaigi

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