Twitter translation for garbled Green Lantern

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Green Lantern: BabelWarner Bros. Animation

Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice may have been canceled recently (and due to be replaced with Beware the Batman and Teen Titans Go!) but their run isn’t over just yet. This weekend, Green Lantern goes where many sci-fi series have gone before — the old “no one can understand what anyone is saying” plot device:

Hal, Kilowog, and Razer crash land on a planet with a poisonous atmosphere.  With their power rings nearly depleted, their only hope is to seek refuge in a nearby domed city, completely overrun by thieves and hooligans.  But teamwork’s a little tougher when no one can understand anyone else!

Normally this wouldn’t have caught my attention — I like the show OK, but haven’t been following it that closely — but then I saw that co-writer Kevin Rubio will be live-tweeting subtitles for the characters’ babble in the episode, titled “Babel”:

It’s not just gibberish — Rubio reportedly devised working languages for this episode. The reason for the communication problem? As mentioned in the blurb above, the depleted power rings.

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